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Autumn is upon us.

29th September 2016

Today was a fabulous autumnal day and the garden was full of visitors which kept me occupied nicely whilst I wait for the kiln to cool down. Hopefully I can open it tomorrow. Liberation Through by Claire Lee.


A lovely little break

25th August 2016

Took the children and the caravan to a beautiful campsite in Wales for a few nights where we caught up with family and friends and had a lovely break.Good food, good company and lots of fun. The Clay has re-absorbed the water and I am Feeling ready to start again. Our lovely little van.


Wonderful Wet.

17th July 2016

The weather has, at least, made the garden lush and fresh! These wet cow parsley Sculptures are beautifully dark – dramatically silhouetted with the sun behind them, giving them a halo of copper. I love how they change as the light and humidity alters, constantly bringing this area of the garden to life. This image […]


A Bumper Crop!

13th July 2016

We have had an amazing crop of strawberries this year, and i love having so many different shapes and sizes. I think I probably have enough to get the jam pan out tonight!


Compostable Nappies

4th June 2016

Behind a ‘private’ sign in the garden are the compost bins, where i dump all the garden and household waste. When my children were babies i used Moltex disposable nappies, which had all the ease of a disposable nappy, but with the promise that they were compostable. These nappies were a lovely shape, never leaked […]


A lovely shady spot.

2nd June 2016

It is Lovely to sit under the canopy and see the subtle collection of porcelain fruit-like pieces that hang within the branches of this tree. It is called constant and is by ceramic artist Bev Seth. I have really enjoyed observing the tree change from bud laden twigs to this dense canopy which now envelopes […]

open 2

A Great First Day

12th May 2016

  Today was the first open day,  and what a great success. The weather was glorious and people seemed to really enjoy themselves. The garden is now open to the public on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until October.