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The Kiln Is Open

30th September 2017

Today I opened the kiln. My heart is always pounding at this point!  I nervously take a tiny peek, I guess this is akin to hiding behind a pillow and only letting one eye see a scary film!   I love what I can see so far, but it is somewhat frustrating as I can’t […]



12th September 2017

The kiln is open! I am so very pleased with this piece, it’s surface is so rich and full of interesting details. Phew!   Before firing. What a difference! This surface is gorgeous. So happy with this one!


All Fired Up!

7th September 2017

I have finally found enough quiet time to finish drawing the linear detail onto this piece. It is now slowly heating in the kiln. I will see the results in six days!   Walking it into the kiln.   Ready to fire.


last bit before I cook It!

1st September 2017

It has been a glorious sunny day today. I have been drawing the detail into the surface of this piece, readying it for the kiln. Tomorrow is Eyam carnival, so I will be closing early to don a costume and join the parade. The garden will be open from 11 – 2 and the carnival […]