Archive | October, 2016


Taking shape.

31st October 2016

It has been a beautiful, sunny autumn day today, it seems a shame that the garden is now closed for the winter. I have smoothed the clay surface with a steel kidney, taking out any depressions and raised bits. I use a wooden bat to manipulate the form, creating a shape that I am happy […]


Starting to look good.

29th October 2016

I have finished building the forms and now I am smoothing the surfaces. I love this part as it alters the piece so much and I can begin to see the finished object that has so far existed only in my head.


Something new.

27th October 2016

I am Making work for an exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London in December. The pieces will sit together and so I find it helpful to make them at the same time. I want them to reflect each other though they will not be the same. These will go with two large […]


Interesting detail.

20th October 2016

Drawing in clay seems to have taken me somewhere else again, I’m not sure if I’m brimming with ideas or just very indecisive! I love the line quality of these slits! I have flooded the dips and cracks with colour and now they can dry. They will look very different when fired butIi think I […]


An unexpected response.

14th October 2016

I like to draw with the clay, but it is a bit frustrating when it dries out slowly so I made these pieces yesterday and left them to dry overnight so that I could use them today, to explore ridges and seams. I then spent the evening drawing seeds and my drawings took me in […]


Autumn brings its treasures.

13th October 2016

With summer  behind us and autumn bringing all its treasure to the garden, I have been collecting seeds, to grow on next spring. I am struck that these tiny beautiful objects all have ridges or seams which presumably allow the seeds to escape in exactly the right way, the best way for maximum seed spread […]


Inspired by the natural world.

6th October 2016

This piece is now fired and ready to go to its new owners. It was inspired by a tiny toadstool that was struggling to grow through the roots of a tree. The result was a centre that was off centre, and a beautiful resilient little life form that survived no matter what! I love the […]


Something New.

3rd October 2016

I have just unloaded these little tests from the kiln and I think they are really exciting. I love the way that the lines, made with a compass, are distorted by the form, meaning that each time i do this, the shape of the line will be dictated by by the shape of each piece. […]