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The last one is out!

31st October 2017

I have just opened the kiln and the third and final piece for this group is out. I’m very pleased with it. They are now ready to go to their new home in the south of England.


This piece is going home

20th October 2017

It was lovely to share the sunshine with Henk Littlewood who came to move this sculpture called Mind Today. He will take it to Ruskin Land in the Wyre Valley where the principles of John Ruskin, arts, hand crafts, hand skills, architecture and fine art are all celebrated. This work is going to sit within […]


Dry enough to turn it.

12th October 2017

This piece is now dry enough to lay on its side, I’m crossing my fingers that the coils will now hold together, rather than splitting.   Smoothing away all the lumps and bumps so that I can work on the shape of this end.   I risk letting a little air out by making a […]


A Thoughtful Process.

10th October 2017

I have completed the top side of this piece and I hope it will be dry enough to turn tomorrow, so that I can work on the base. The clay is a wonderful texture now, it stays where I put it without bouncing back, (which is what happens when it is too wet to work.) […]


Busy in the workshop

6th October 2017

I half wrapped these pieces on Monday, so that the tops could dry to the same consistency as the bases. I have now used my thumbs to smooth the clay being careful not to trap any pockets of air. My phone no longer recognises my thumbprint which is no longer there! This clay is like […]