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29th July 2017

  Today I Started to make a bee drinker for a courtyard garden. I couldn’t do much as the clay was quite wet so I also formed some pinch pots and joined them together to make some small spherical pieces.   I left them in the sunshine for an hour and then shaped them with […]


A lovely article about sculpture.

29th June 2017

There is a great article in The July edition of The English Garden magazine! It is a conversation with Hannah Peschar, curator of the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in Surrey. I have had the pleasure of working with Hannah Peschar for 20 years in which time she has nurtured my talent as a sculptor as […]


Its a lovely place to be.

15th June 2017

Here come the strawberries! Last year I had enough to make 5lbs of jam, it looks like another bumper crop this year, if I can only keep the slugs away!   Mixing the colour. I love the clay at this stage, it is so very tactile.   I carefully paint in lines of slip which […]


Allium Bulgaricum

12th June 2017

I am loving this Allium Bulgaricum (Summer Bells) at the moment. After it’s beautifully elegant conical papery buds have punctuated the foliage for a good five weeks,these subtly coloured bells emerge like one at a time like the limbs of a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis.   The bees love them and once each […]


The joy of working with this natural material.

10th June 2017

I am so often astounded by nature. This tiny seedling is growing on the side of my work, where it has been wrapped in plastic for a couple of days in a warm humid environment. I feel terrible taking it off!   I have been making the slip for the surface of the piece today. […]


Peace and Quiet.

6th June 2017

I have been so very saddened by recent events, and so today I got everything ready so that I could sit quietly in the workshop and observe the minutes silence and think about all the people who are hurting at the moment. When the clock was still chiming, a swallow flew in through the open […]

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Life cycles.

16th January 2017

At this time of year the garden is still bearing the beautifully elegant decaying seed heads of last summer, stripped of their flesh and lace like in appearance.    This is wonderfully contrasted by the emergence of vibrant swollen fleshy new shoots, full of exciting promise and defying the drabness of winter.   I try […]


Something New.

3rd October 2016

I have just unloaded these little tests from the kiln and I think they are really exciting. I love the way that the lines, made with a compass, are distorted by the form, meaning that each time i do this, the shape of the line will be dictated by by the shape of each piece. […]