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Saggar Fired Clay by Imogen Taylor-Noble

27th June 2016

I was very happy to visit the Earth and Fire Event at Rufford Abbey this weekend. There was such an exciting, diverse selection of works by a talented group of artists and makers. I am thrilled to have brought this wonderful piece home to show in the garden. It is called Wind Tower and is by […]


Porcelain Sculpture By Anna Kime

18th June 2016

It has been another wonderful day in the garden today. The sun decided to make an appearance and Anna Kime Placed four fabulous pieces of work in the garden. This one is called Contour and celebrates the qualities of this clay beautifully. It shows every fine detail and movement as if the piece is still […]


Beautiful Thoughtful Work

5th June 2016

Today I was Very excited to Visit Anna Kime in her studio at Manor Oak Studios within the Sheffield Manor Lodge Site. Anna’s work is fluid and full of movement. She takes the age old technique of wheel throwing and turns it on its head, breaking all the usual rules of this technique and producing […]


Compostable Nappies

4th June 2016

Behind a ‘private’ sign in the garden are the compost bins, where i dump all the garden and household waste. When my children were babies i used Moltex disposable nappies, which had all the ease of a disposable nappy, but with the promise that they were compostable. These nappies were a lovely shape, never leaked […]


A lovely shady spot.

2nd June 2016

It is Lovely to sit under the canopy and see the subtle collection of porcelain fruit-like pieces that hang within the branches of this tree. It is called constant and is by ceramic artist Bev Seth. I have really enjoyed observing the tree change from bud laden twigs to this dense canopy which now envelopes […]