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Doo Wah Diddy

Exciting New Work

21st February 2017

I have just had confirmation that I will be showing work by Helen Sinclair in the garden this year. I have loved Helen’s work for years and am so thrilled to be able to share it with visitors this year. This Piece is called Do Wah Diddy and is so full of movement and fun. […]



18th February 2017

Phew, these are now finished and drying. I did paint a thin white line along the split and then I almost covered it with the yellow slip so that it will be very subtle. Now I just need to make three more to complete the group!   I painted white along the edge to continue […]


what’s the point?

15th February 2017

With these pieces I am trying to capture the feeling when a shoot first breaks through the soil, or a bud erupts or a seed bursts into life. The pointed form is supposed to feel like it has swollen to the point of eruption, and along this seam I am making a line with a […]


Almost done!

13th February 2017

These pieces are now formed and the bases are coloured. I am drawing and inlaying white slip onto the surface. These lines depict the seams that are so often found on seeds, the line where it is most productive to split, revealing the precious cargo inside. The circle refers to the point where it was […]


It’s not so glamorous.

10th February 2017

The trouble with working on four pieces at once is that there are not enough hours in the day and I’m struggling to get enough done before they dry out. As the clay dries it becomes harder to work, taking the skin of my fingertips! I can’t wait for them to mend so I am […]

henk 1

New work for the garden

7th February 2017

I’m really excited to be having this wonderful piece by Henk Littlewood on show in the garden this year, it is such a beautiful form and I can’t wait to see it outdoors! Henk works in Sheffield and loves to celebrate the varying qualities of different types of wood.      



3rd February 2017

Someone asked me if it would be quicker to make these in a mould? It would be far quicker, however these pieces are inspired by seeds and one of the things that I liked best about them was that they are all uniform, with qualities that make them recognisable as a species, yet they are […]