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A Great Day Out

22nd November 2017

We had a fantastic time at the Yorkshire Artspace events in sheffield this weekend. There was a huge variety of art to see and buy as well as loads of great workshops for children and adults. The Girls loved adding to this wire sculpture under the direction of artist Claire Lee who showed them the technique and […]


Work that Speaks Volumes

12th November 2017

Today I visited Anne Windsor at her home in Matlock Bath. I was treated to tea and homemade cake overlooking a wonderful view of the valley, surrounded by very many stunning pieces of work. Anne sculpts with clay and then casts her pieces in resin, lime concrete and also bronze. She is not one to […]


New work for 2018

7th November 2017

It was so delightful to visit the sculptor Rosemary Barnett today. I met her in her studio where she was busy chipping away at a piece of stone, revealing two elegant dove like figures. Rosemary was one of the artistic minds behind the Frink school of figurative sculpture. She was also a member of the […]


This piece is going home

20th October 2017

It was lovely to share the sunshine with Henk Littlewood who came to move this sculpture called Mind Today. He will take it to Ruskin Land in the Wyre Valley where the principles of John Ruskin, arts, hand crafts, hand skills, architecture and fine art are all celebrated. This work is going to sit within […]


Happy to be Inside.

20th June 2017

It is lovely and cool in the workshop today. I am finishing the base of the second piece and have just started making number three.   These pieces called The land, The sea, by Viv keel, come to life in the sunshine   The sun has certainly put the paint on these this week.


Glass in the garden!

17th June 2017

It was great to have Viv Keel in the garden today. Viv placed these beautiful lead crystal pieces here and I am absolutely thrilled with them. They are called Rock, Sand, Glass and are a celebration of what is essentially the same material.   They are stunning with the light shining behind them.    


There she was just a-walkin down the street.

3rd June 2017

This piece is called Doo Wah Diddy ( from the song) and I love the way Helen Sinclair captures human emotion so precisely in all of her work. This girl is strutting without a care in the world and she has the presence of a carefree empowered person. “She really blows my mind”


Glorious in the sunshine.

31st May 2017

These woven pheasants by Juliette Hamilton look simply lovely strutting beneath the leaf laden beech tree.   Before I framed them in long grass.   It was lovely to sit outside this morning and have my first cup of tea with this view.