Archive | May, 2017


Glorious in the sunshine.

31st May 2017

These woven pheasants by Juliette Hamilton look simply lovely strutting beneath the leaf laden beech tree.   Before I framed them in long grass.   It was lovely to sit outside this morning and have my first cup of tea with this view.



30th May 2017

Having completed the base this piece is now ready to be turned back over. This was a much heavier turn due to its shape. Maisy dog was her usual helpful self!   I applied the slip which looks a but of a dull grey at the moment, but when fired it should go the colour […]


This is a difficult bit.

27th May 2017

This beautiful weather is drying the clay really well so I needed to turn this piece today. I must do this when the clay is at exactly the right consistency. Too wet and it will collapse, too dry and the slip will not adhere to the surface. Psyching myself up, this one is 130 kg. […]


Garden adornment.

26th May 2017

It was lovely to have Lucy Coyne working in the garden today. Lucy is also a jeweller and her large pieces have such beautifully observed and detailed elements within them. Thank you Lucy. I have been making slips.   Carefully Inlaying this coloured slip was the perfect gentle job for such a hot day.


Adding some detail.

25th May 2017

It has been a thoughtful sort of a day today. I have taken time to contemplate the form and decide upon exact detail upon the surface.   This piece is a commission and so the detail has already been planned and agreed, however I always let the form dictate the exact positioning of any detail. […]


Taking Shape.

22nd May 2017

The clay is now dry enough to alter the shape of the top without too much risk of collapse- I hope!!! I am thinking about the ergonomics of this piece. It is for sitting on and so it needs to be comfortable and to quickly dry if it rains. It is a little high at […]


Smoothing the surface.

19th May 2017

Today I have been smoothing the join marks out of the clay with my fingers and thumbs. The clay is very dry at the base now ( it needs to be- to be strong enough to hold itself up) so it’s something of an exfoliating experience!   This is hard work and a bit awkward, […]



18th May 2017

Phew I have joined the top. The days before I join it are pretty dodgy as the walls are desperate to collapse. Now that it is joined the air inside acts as a cushion and holds the top up.   These stainless steel thistles by Lucy Coyne make my dandelion collection look like it is […]


Beautifully saturated.

16th May 2017

This is the view from my workshop windows, the colours are so vivid today because everything is soaked.   This piece by Kathryn Watson looks stunning against this border.   I have been bringing the sides in, slowly and carefully so that it does not collapse. It’s hard to see what I’m doing when I’m […]


Carefully does it.

15th May 2017

I’m starting to bring the sides in now, this must be done slowly and carefully so that they don’t sag.I always support both sides when moving the clay. It is important to join the clay consistently so that it is strong enough to hold itself together. It is getting very heavy now.