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29th July 2017

  Today I Started to make a bee drinker for a courtyard garden. I couldn’t do much as the clay was quite wet so I also formed some pinch pots and joined them together to make some small spherical pieces.   I left them in the sunshine for an hour and then shaped them with […]


In the nick of time!

21st July 2017

Today was my last day of working, without trying to entertain the children at the same time! I am so glad to have managed to complete this one in time.   Rolling it over.   Colouring the rest of the surface with slip.   Last bit.        


Almost finished.

20th July 2017

I have not been able to work on this piece as much as I would like recently, which means it is drier and harder for me to manage. Today I have now completed the surface detail and am working on the base.   I turned it over this morning and smoothed the rather too dry […]

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Shaping the surface.

13th July 2017

I thought I’d wait a few days and then the making and shaping process is more obvious to see. Smoothing the clay with my fingers.   Smoothing and moving the clay with a steel kidney, to even out the surface.   Changing the shape by tapping the surface with a wooden bat.   Finally rocking […]


Refining the surface.

3rd July 2017

This piece has sat for 40 hours and is now dry and stable enough to work on the surface.   I gradually work around the surface smoothing the clay with my thumbs,being careful not to trap any air beneath the clay surface.   Almost done… my fingers are a bit sore!  

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With a pounding heart

1st July 2017

Today I worked fast with a pounding heart. Putting clay on the top here is asking the previous top sides to collapse. You have to wait till they are dry and strong, but not too dry as a good join is essential.   Coil two, even more weight…   This is the last one, I […]