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Hot Cakes from the oven!

30th November 2016

I lifted out two lovely warm pieces today, they have fired so nicely, the colours are great and not a crack in sight! It is getting a bit crammed in my workshop now, I’m looking forward to taking these and two more down to London next week!   Very Happy with these.   They make […]


Ready for firing.

25th November 2016

I finished the detail, working upside down is pretty awkward, I can’t imagine how Michelangelo did it, it’s so hard to keep the lines straight! The kiln is now climbing slowly, though I had hoped to fit more in than I did! These pieces are bigger than I thought! All Ready to fire. v  


Finishing the pieces for a Christmas Exhibition.

24th November 2016

Today I spent all day drawing in the lines on these pieces which are for a Sculpture and Ceramics exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London in just over two weeks time. I finished one and am half way through the other so I hope to get them in the kiln tomorrow which […]


Opening the kiln.

23rd November 2016

Today I steeled myself to open the kiln. This piece is the one that I shared every day for a month whilst I built and shaped it. I am thrilled with the quality of the surface, it has a lovely fragility, though in fact it is extremely strong! It has a real depth due to […]


Ready to heat it up.

16th November 2016

I spent most of today drawing the lines through the surface of these small pieces. The kiln temperature is now slowly climbing and I will see the results in six days……. if I dare to open it!Can’t Slip at this stage! All packed and ready to go.


Into the kiln.

15th November 2016

Today I loaded the kiln. This piece is only about 20mm smaller than the width of the kiln so I had to walk it in using tiny gradual movements so as not to scrape its surface on the kiln walls. It was also very heavy so tiny movements suited me fine!At this point I need […]


Last bit of detail.

14th November 2016

This piece has been drying for almost two months and today I drew the linear detail back through the slip surface. The scraping noise that the knife makes reassures me that the clay is now dry enough to go into the kiln. That will be tomorrows job! I scrape through the white top layer to […]


Finished and drying.

4th November 2016

I have inlaid coloured slip into the detail that I drew onto the surfaces yesterday. I love the way the circles bend over the tight curve that follows the circumference. All detail is covered up with white slip and I will re-draw the lines and reveal the colour just before I fire them. The pieces […]


Drawing onto the clay.

3rd November 2016

Today I have spent a great deal of time thinking, which feels a bit like I have hardly achieved anything. I design form and detail on paper before I start to build in clay, however I also like to draw directly onto the curved surface as this sometimes gives surprising results which are far more […]