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A gorgeous sunny day today.

31st August 2016

I am very happy with the shape of this piece. It is very fragile at this stage, I am asking a lot of the clay and all i can do is build it to be strong.I have gently propped the form to stop too much wobbling when i am working on it and to stop […]


Coiling gradually

29th August 2016

This piece is coming on nicely, I love its shape so far. this image shows me joining the top coil to the body. The texture is made when I pull the top clay down joining it onto the base.


A lovely little break

25th August 2016

Took the children and the caravan to a beautiful campsite in Wales for a few nights where we caught up with family and friends and had a lovely break.Good food, good company and lots of fun. The Clay has re-absorbed the water and I am Feeling ready to start again. Our lovely little van.


I never said it was Easy!

17th August 2016

I could have tried to mend it, but the likelihood of it re-cracking in the kiln is very high as its integrity is now severely compromised and I still have weeks of work left to complete it. I would prefer to make one that I know is strong (and perfect). It cracked where I brought […]


Looking Lovely

15th August 2016

I have started to manipulate the form by patting the surface with a wooden bat that I made in 1996 at university. I might have made it a little more carefully if I had known that I was going to be using it for the next 20 years!


A lovely tranquil day today.

14th August 2016

Using a steel kidney (placed on top) I scrape the raised clay into the undulations, compressing the surface as I smooth it.I’m generally on my knees doing this, feeling my way round the curves and creating a perfect smooth surface. The clay is lovely at this stage, It shines as I compress the surface.