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27th August 2017

This piece is now complete and will dry for about 8 weeks before I fire it. It dries slowly to ensure that it does not crack.🤞   Almost finished colouring the surface with slip.


The detail is integral.

24th August 2017

I have now painted coloured slip into lines which I drew into the surface. I love the way these lines bend around the contours of the surface. The green line is a perfect circle, drawn with a compass. It’s amazing to see how distorted it is by the form.   The pale line will fire […]


Smooth and sleek.

17th August 2017

Today I finished shaping and smoothing this piece. It needs to dry out a bit and I will then start to work on the detail.   I love it when the clay is at this stage, shiny and malleable and strong.


The clay is still very movable.

14th August 2017

Today I have been manipulating the shape and smoothing the surface. I will do more tomorrow because as it dries it emphasises any undulations in the form. I might slightly increase the diameter of the dip, I’m pondering….


Joining it all together.

12th August 2017

I placed the small bowl form onto the structure inside this piece, hoping it is the right height, as it’s not that easy to remove it without distorting it.   I make a final coil, to fit the gap and join it by feeling my way round the inside. I seem to do this with […]


Helping out.

3rd August 2017

Today it was lovely to have a helper who is a complete perfectionist! I can’t imagine where she gets it from!