Compostable Nappies

IMG_0541Behind a ‘private’ sign in the garden are the compost bins, where i dump all the garden and household waste.

When my children were babies i used Moltex disposable nappies, which had all the ease of a disposable nappy, but with the promise that they were compostable. These nappies were a lovely shape, never leaked and neither of my children ever had nappy rash, honestly they were no different in results from your average disposable.

I have just forked out that compost and it is absolutely lovely with no smell or sign of a nappy in sight, just wormy vigorous compost!

Why then is it not law that all disposable nappies are compostable? Mums have enough decisions to beat themselves up about, why are the manufacturers not being forced to do this? We all know that these things take donkeys years to break down, why not simply force manufacturers to change the product and offer to take the soiled nappies away in the local collection compost bin?


IMG_0545My compost helps my plants to thrive.

IMG_0547I have just filled these troughs for free!