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Large and small stoneware pieces inspired by nature and designed for the outdoors


It’s a beautiful object and it’s technically perfect…Fabric Magazine, 2001
Children instinctively understand the mysterious pods and spheres that ceramicist Hannah Bennett creates her subtle sculptures lend great presence to gardens and landscapes and make wonderful seats.The Times Magazine, 2006
Their imagery will, no doubt, flutter gently through Hannah’s imagination to be incorporated into yet more stunning creations.Gardens Illustrated, Nov 2002
…she draws inspiration for her extraordinary seats and vessels from the landscape around her…The Journal, 2003
Ceramicist Hannah Bennett’s garden seats and lights look so natural that at first they seem part of the landscape.The Journal, 2001

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Its getting hot in here.

27th September 2016

The kiln is now at 1200 degrees centigrade and still climbing, white hot! I fire so high that the clay starts to melt (vitrify) and this is what makes it so durable when outside in all seasons. It is also completely terrifying! It will soon be too hot in the workshop for the newly made piece to s... read more