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Garden adornment.

26th May 2017

It was lovely to have Lucy Coyne working in the garden today. Lucy is also a jeweller and her large pieces have such beautifully observed and detailed elements within them. Thank you Lucy. I have been making slips.   Carefully Inlaying this coloured slip was the perfect gentle job for such a hot day.

Doo Wah Diddy

Exciting New Work

21st February 2017

I have just had confirmation that I will be showing work by Helen Sinclair in the garden this year. I have loved Helen’s work for years and am so thrilled to be able to share it with visitors this year. This Piece is called Do Wah Diddy and is so full of movement and fun. […]


Saggar Fired Clay by Imogen Taylor-Noble

27th June 2016

I was very happy to visit the Earth and Fire Event at Rufford Abbey this weekend. There was such an exciting, diverse selection of works by a talented group of artists and makers. I am thrilled to have brought this wonderful piece home to show in the garden. It is called Wind Tower and is by […]


Porcelain Sculpture By Anna Kime

18th June 2016

It has been another wonderful day in the garden today. The sun decided to make an appearance and Anna Kime Placed four fabulous pieces of work in the garden. This one is called Contour and celebrates the qualities of this clay beautifully. It shows every fine detail and movement as if the piece is still […]


Beautiful Thoughtful Work

5th June 2016

Today I was Very excited to Visit Anna Kime in her studio at Manor Oak Studios within the Sheffield Manor Lodge Site. Anna’s work is fluid and full of movement. She takes the age old technique of wheel throwing and turns it on its head, breaking all the usual rules of this technique and producing […]


A Super Day ‘Hare’ In The Garden

6th May 2016

The final installation is here! Juliette Hamilton Placed five hares which are beautiful, funny and astounding!   What a fabulous shape, she has captured precisely  what it is to be a hare.   They seem to be dashing into position just in time for the private view tomorrow. Thank you so much Juliette they are […]


A Very Heavy Feather

3rd May 2016

Today we installed this beautiful steel feather by Peter Clarke. It feels so delicate with the light glimpsing through the intricate strands.Hard to believe it is made of solid steel! All is coming together beautifully now and the sun has even decided to come back to us! i think we might just manage to get […]


Hidden Treasure

1st May 2016

This Piece by Claire Lee looks stunning half hidden in the trees and glinting in the sunshine. I love it when art is subtly placed and you have to look out for it.    


Adding to the Collection

19th April 2016

Today has been another beautiful sunny day. Walter Bailey Has placed this beautiful piece which is called Storm Egg. What a super addition to the collection!  Thank you very much Walter.

bev bells

New Work in the Garden – Installation by Bev Seth

14th April 2016

Bev Seth has installed these beautiful porcelain bell like forms in The field maple in the garden. They are reminiscent of fruit and seeds but are also very much objects made by a person. Their bold white outer surface is not at all natural, yet it is delicate and subtle and has a quality that […]