what’s the point?

With these pieces I am trying to capture the feeling when a shoot first breaks through the soil, or a bud erupts or a seed bursts into life. The pointed form is supposed to feel like it has swollen to the point of eruption, and along this seam I am making a line with a completely different quality. I want it to feel like something fabulous is about to emerge.No automatic alt text available.


I have painted in one of the beautiful red glazes that I made the other day. I wasn’t going to make these lines red, but I can’t resist as it seems to shout “life”.No automatic alt text available.


I gently push the clay over the edge to create a burred edge that feels like it is starting to rip open.No automatic alt text available.


It’s going to look a bit like this. Though I think I might put a tiny bit of white on the edge to frame the jagged edge and also to look like a continuation of the sharp white line.Image may contain: food