Sometimes I wonder why I do this.

I am sitting in my workshop watching the kiln, it is not doing anything but I am still here. It is cool, enough to open it but I can’t do it. I feel like I felt when Maisy my dog had an operation, or when my good friend was in labour, sick in my stomach and scared. I am also a bit excited but I dare not be. I will do it tomorrow.

That is what I wrote this morning. It is now 4pm and I am alone and so I am determined to do it. Just a tiny peek…

p1010785An excited explore around the surface.
p1010791It is Beautiful! And Perfect!
p1010811And strong enough to sit on…
p1010810And jump on, but i am not advocating this! ( I cant capture the actual jump in the air  so you will have to just believe that I did it.)p1010808