The kiln is on.

I put the kiln on this morning, I like to get it on early so that I can watch it all day in case their is a problem and their was!The controller flashed a warning light telling me that it was running too slow so I took out a few dodgy looking elements and wired in some new ones. This would have been far easier without a huge fragile piece of work in the way! Still it flashed the slow running led at me so I then tried to work on the electrics at the back, hoovering the dust out worked luckily because I couldn’t remember how to re-wire that bit, though I have done it once before. I will stay up as long as I can to keep an eye on it and I need to shut the damper when it’s at about 600 degrees which will be at about 1 am now due to re-wiring shenanigans!

The garden is open until the end of October where you can see this beautiful piece by Walter Bailey as well as the work of 8 other artist. For more information about the garden and my work, please see my website