Inlaid colour

Today I have been using a knife to draw off the excess coloured slip, resulting in sharp lines of inlaid clay.

I remove all that is not flush with the surface.

Then i pull a steel kidney over the rough surface which results in a sharp clear line. it also compresses the clays together.

I have wrapped the piece leaving the top and one side to dry further. Tomorrow, or perhaps on Monday, depending upon when it is dry enough, I will roll it over so that I can work on its base. It is so important to do this at exactly the right moment. If too wet it will crack and if to dry I won’t be able to work it or apply the surface colour. I am always very nervous about turning them, I have one shot at it and it weighs 140 kilos. I must roll it in one smooth movement, without stopping at any point until I gently lower it onto its top surface.