Terence Lister

I have spent the whole of my working life in engineering doing skilled work and have always had a facility to work with my hands I have found this experience can be carried forward into my artistic life.

I want my sculpture to have that imperceptible quality resonant in the form,space, colour and texture of the work, which radiates in the most subtle way the essence of life experience and to awaken in the observer this feeling of knowing.

I have always wanted to create work with meaning a criteria that is almost impossible to achieve, the work must speak out to the viewer, have its own life as Moore said “There must be life bursting out from within.”

This is what I want to convey in my work and fundamental to my vision, a visual portrayal of these sentiments, pointers and elements which generate this feeling, this is life experience, the intent in my work is to represent this quality in a three dimensional piece of work, an extremely difficult quality to achieve and rarely successful.

I also like to translate the 3-D form of my sculpture into the medium of print not necessarily a perfect reproduction but taking the object into the image in some form however obscure or ambiguous.

My sculpture is made in wood, found objects, natural material, metal, stone and plaster usually on wire armatures, to be later cast in bronze. The process of carving is to me a meditative experience and my work is an attempt to convey the intangible sense of being a kind of other worldliness.