Kate Orme


Kate Orme thinks that human beings look for themselves in art, they look for something that they can identify with; a point in time or space, a memory, a thought, an emotion, a placement, a fleeting image of a face. She thinks that evidence of the maker’s touch, (that human touch), as a mark, a line or a manipulated material is something that even the uninitiated can understand and share with an artist, the point of that touch is where the conversation with a work begins. She works with a range of materials, each one carefully chosen for its own voice, it’s own metaphor within her work.

She  is primarily a maker of three dimensional work. She sees sculpture as the medium of the immediate, it inhabits the same physical space as herself and interaction with sculpture is therefore unavoidable for her. The resulting conversations with a piece can be long and twisting. Drawing is an integral part of Kate’s work. She uses it both as a developmental tool for her sculpture and also as a medium in its own right. She loves the truth of the line, the honesty of drawing, there are no hiding places, everything is visible. Only the interpretation is flexible and that flexibility is the gift to the viewer, it allows a personal and hopefully meaningful experience.