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Time For A Tea Break!

4th April 2019

I have been preparing the garden for its opening in May. Look closely and you will see the saw- my arm was burning so I have stopped for a break. The garden appears wild and effortless- a mirror of the countryside that it sits within- however in reality there are loads of jobs to do […]

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Open Gardens

23rd July 2018

It’s Eyam Open Gardens this weekend, another chance to see the amazing gardens hidden behind the houses.     My garden looks very different as I have had to embrace the drought and celebrate the ‘dry garden’ garden. Some things have failed completely but there have been all sorts of wonderful surprises too. I have […]

hannah Peschar 1


21st April 2017

What a glorious day to be installing at The Hannah Peshar Sculpture Garden. Every time I visit I am so struck by this breathtaking place. Detail


Jam Packed

7th December 2016

Someone pointed out that these photos make my workshop look much bigger than it actually is! It is certainly shrinking daily at the moment, it’s like working in an obstacle course! Only a few days to go till I take most of these to London. Circular Exploration 1 & 2 1 2  


Ready for firing.

25th November 2016

I finished the detail, working upside down is pretty awkward, I can’t imagine how Michelangelo did it, it’s so hard to keep the lines straight! The kiln is now climbing slowly, though I had hoped to fit more in than I did! These pieces are bigger than I thought! All Ready to fire. v  


Finishing the pieces for a Christmas Exhibition.

24th November 2016

Today I spent all day drawing in the lines on these pieces which are for a Sculpture and Ceramics exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London in just over two weeks time. I finished one and am half way through the other so I hope to get them in the kiln tomorrow which […]


Drawing onto the clay.

3rd November 2016

Today I have spent a great deal of time thinking, which feels a bit like I have hardly achieved anything. I design form and detail on paper before I start to build in clay, however I also like to draw directly onto the curved surface as this sometimes gives surprising results which are far more […]


Taking shape.

31st October 2016

It has been a beautiful, sunny autumn day today, it seems a shame that the garden is now closed for the winter. I have smoothed the clay surface with a steel kidney, taking out any depressions and raised bits. I use a wooden bat to manipulate the form, creating a shape that I am happy […]


Starting to look good.

29th October 2016

I have finished building the forms and now I am smoothing the surfaces. I love this part as it alters the piece so much and I can begin to see the finished object that has so far existed only in my head.


Something new.

27th October 2016

I am Making work for an exhibition at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery in London in December. The pieces will sit together and so I find it helpful to make them at the same time. I want them to reflect each other though they will not be the same. These will go with two large […]