Caroline Barnett

Caroline Barnett grew up on a farm in the Cotswolds, she had a childhood with time and space to develop a deep and abiding love of nature and the subtle shapes and curves of living things. “That quiet space and time to be on my own also led me to recognise and trust in my own instinctive reaction to the world around me. Expressing this through art was a natural development
My work is largely figurative, and living things remain the bedrock and inspiration. Fascinated by the way thought, emotion and instinct are expressed externally in form, I am particularly drawn to moments when the subject is totally absorbed – be it in stillness or in activity. It is then that my own instincts are at their clearest, and my art is about that synthesis.”

In 2000, Caroline began sculpting seriously, initially in terracotta, but soon producing limited editions of much of her work in bronze, or in resin with bronze, stone or iron, as well as continuing with ceramic sculpture. She works in clay because it feels right under her hands, which want to build up shapes and textures rather than to carve away. The consistent thread in her work is an ability to touch the essential character of whatever she is sculpting.
Caroline’s works range from small intimate ceramic pieces and bronze limited editions, to large outdoor sculptures in a variety of materials. Her work can be found in private collections in Australia, Canada Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland and the USA, as well as throughout the UK.