Bev Seth

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I studied ceramics at Bath Academy of art at Bath Academy of Art graduating in 1982. I made and sold work from my studio at home until I was distracted by full time work with people with Learning Disabilities. I remained satisfied with these challenges until I found a ceramics group at Yorkshire Arts Space in 2012 and began to make pots again with renewed enthusiasm.
My main influences are the things I see on my walks around Sheffield, stories, song lyrics and films. These ideas and images are mixed together in the shapes and decoration of the pieces, the outcomes being objects I like to look at and in some cases use.
I aim to make pieces to add to an occasion and will have succeeded if they become part of a special moment, where they are and how they are used being a large part of this.
Practical information; I hand build – coil, pinch, slab and carve. I work in stoneware, earthenware and porcelain, sometimes decorating with slips, under glazes and oxides before glazing.