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Finished and drying.

4th November 2016

I have inlaid coloured slip into the detail that I drew onto the surfaces yesterday. I love the way the circles bend over the tight curve that follows the circumference. All detail is covered up with white slip and I will re-draw the lines and reveal the colour just before I fire them. The pieces […]


Sometimes I wonder why I do this.

30th September 2016

I am sitting in my workshop watching the kiln, it is not doing anything but I am still here. It is cool, enough to open it but I can’t do it. I feel like I felt when Maisy my dog had an operation, or when my good friend was in labour, sick in my stomach […]


Last bit before I turn it over.

21st September 2016

Today was absolutely beautiful. I worked on the base of the piece, drawing the linear detail. The clay is very soft for this job and every mark shows and can not be undone. I am trying to make the lines have the sketchy quality of my drawings! Relaxed fluid lines, -hard when I am aware […]


Inlaid colour

17th September 2016

Today I have been using a knife to draw off the excess coloured slip, resulting in sharp lines of inlaid clay. I remove all that is not flush with the surface. Then i pull a steel kidney over the rough surface which results in a sharp clear line. it also compresses the clays together. I […]


A gorgeous sunny day today.

31st August 2016

I am very happy with the shape of this piece. It is very fragile at this stage, I am asking a lot of the clay and all i can do is build it to be strong.I have gently propped the form to stop too much wobbling when i am working on it and to stop […]


Looking Lovely

15th August 2016

I have started to manipulate the form by patting the surface with a wooden bat that I made in 1996 at university. I might have made it a little more carefully if I had known that I was going to be using it for the next 20 years!


What a fantastic day

17th April 2016

  What a Fantastic day! Artist Claire Lee spent the day in the garden installing four pieces made from welded steel wire. These sculptures are enchanting and thought provoking and I am so happy to be showing this wonderful work. Thank you so much Claire.   This looks awesome against the hills and vivid blue […]