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What Extreme Weather!

26th April 2016

As it was so beautiful this morning, I decided to mow the lawn!….   Little did I expect to end up mowing in a blizzard! This is not exactly helping the plants to grow! The kiln is at 650 degrees centigrade and cooling down.


On Fire!

25th April 2016

Looking through the spy hole in the kiln door, the inside of the kiln is glowing red hot which means that the piece inside is almost melting!  Did I build it strong enough to withstand this extreme temperature? (which is completely necessary if it is also to cope with frost and snow in the winter) […]


Getting ready to fire

24th April 2016

It is almost three months since I started working on this piece. It is now dry enough to fire. Today i have been drawing the detail through the surface slip to reveal the coloured lines that i put there about six weeks ago. This method is called sgraffito.   This is what it looked like […]

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New Signs

22nd April 2016

Wow! The signs for the gate and the bottom of the drive have arrived and they look stunning. Kate Hadfield designed them for me, along with my flyers and invitations and not only has she done a superb job, but she was wonderful to work with, understanding completely about tweaking until they were perfect and […]


Adding to the Collection

19th April 2016

Today has been another beautiful sunny day. Walter Bailey Has placed this beautiful piece which is called Storm Egg. What a super addition to the collection!  Thank you very much Walter.


What a fantastic day

17th April 2016

  What a Fantastic day! Artist Claire Lee spent the day in the garden installing four pieces made from welded steel wire. These sculptures are enchanting and thought provoking and I am so happy to be showing this wonderful work. Thank you so much Claire.   This looks awesome against the hills and vivid blue […]

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New Work in the Garden – Installation by Bev Seth

14th April 2016

Bev Seth has installed these beautiful porcelain bell like forms in The field maple in the garden. They are reminiscent of fruit and seeds but are also very much objects made by a person. Their bold white outer surface is not at all natural, yet it is delicate and subtle and has a quality that […]


Frosted Delights

31st March 2016

Today I woke up to a frost covered garden and the Cow Parsley Sculptures looked beautiful, dark dramatic surfaces with a delicate icy edge of pure white.  I wasn’t expecting that!


Exhibiting at The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

30th March 2016

I have these pieces on show at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in Surrey which opens on the First of April this year. This amazing garden is such a wonderful place and I am thrilled to add my work to the stunning collection of sculpture that is on show this year.  


New Work in the Garden

The first sculpture is in the garden and it looks absolutely beautiful. It is called Cow Parsley by Simon Hempsell. As the light changes it is spectacularly different. Sometimes it is delicate and lace like, other times dramatic and dark and when the sun shines it glows with light…And they gently sway in a breeze! […]